A year from celebrating the centenary of its creation, the company moves to a large factory located in the industrial sector of Maipú, with an area that spans 20 thousand square meters and 10 thousand square meters built, with high-end environmentally friendly technology. The administration and operation of the company is made up of professionals, technicians, and specialized workers, which exceeds 100 people. This translates into a solid company, which exports 85% of its products to other countries in Latin America, Europe and Asia mainly.
Keeping with the family tradition, Mr. Miguel Bas Martens (great-grandson of Mr. Conrado Bas) was integrated into the company as Operations Manager of the tannery.
The company made great investments in machinery and production equipment, mainly in the construction of a modern plant for the treatment of primary residue liquids generated in the leather making process at #129 Carlos Valdovinos. This allows discharge and final treatment in the sanitary company's collector at La Farnana, which was inaugurated this same year.
After the passing of Mr. Miguel Bas Girones, his sons Miguel and Fernando Bas González, have continued with this tradition, bringing in professionalism and updating its infrastructure with the lastest in technology. This lets Curtidos Bas reach outside markets with great quality products that meet the highest standards, without neglecting its relationship with the environment.
It becomes necessary to move the tannery from its place at Santa Rosa Ave. to its newly built industrial complex at #129 Carlos Valdovinos, San Joaquín.
In 1949, upon the passing of Mr. Conrado, his son, Mr. Miguel Bas Gironés, takes charge of the company placing it among the most important companies in the Chilean leather business.
In 1919, Mr. Conrado Bas starts operating in his tanning factory located at #1536 Santa Rosa Ave., with an area of 1.400 square meters, and only 11 workers, where he constantly keeps a complete stock of leathers for saddlery, upholstery, soles, belts, and all sorts of leather objects.

Miguel Bas G.

General Manager

Miguel Bas M.

Operations Manager

Fernando Bas G.

Sales Manager

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